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Avaya IP Office Telephone System

AVAYA IP Office offers flexible, scalable Editions that allow customers to get the right level of communications and collaboration their business needs now. Move up to the next Edition as budget and business needs dictate – from basic telephony to sophisticated unified communications.

Basic Edition
- Key system
- Single site
- Digital and analog phones
- Up to 9 auto-attendant
- 64 party ad-hoc conferencing
- Voice mail and voice mail to e-mail

Essential Edition
- IP Telephony and Essential Mobility
- Adds to previous Basic Edition
- IP PBX functionality
- Up to 40 auto-attendants
- Avaya one-X Mobile Essential
- Basic call control on mobile devices
- 128 party ad-hoc conferencing
- Up to two remote phones or systems

IP500V2 Control Unit Features:

- 4 card slots compatible with existing IP500 cards as well as several new cards
- SD Card required, acts as Feature Key
- Operates in IP Office mode or PARTNER mode, determined by SD Card
- Includes Basic Edition Voicemail

IP Office IP500V2 Features:

- Support for 2 new base cards, the Combination Card and ETR 6 Card
- SD card for license key support and more
- Support for Essential Edition PARTNER, which resembles PARTNER ACS
   (only available in North America)
- Telephone support: 1400 Digital Series, 9500 Digital Series, 1600 International
   IP Series, 9600 IP Series, and ETR PARTNER Phones
- Also supports 5400, 5600, 4600 & 4400* phones
- New licensing configuration

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