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Avaya Partner ACS R8

The new Avaya Partner ACS R8 system is the next generation in the Partner ACS line. The Partner ACS was developed to meet small businesses needs for more powerful, flexible systems. Upgrading and adding features is as simple as upgrading or adding PCMCIA cards. As your competitors become obselete, you will alway be on the cutting edge.

Avaya Partner ACS Voice Messaging R7.0 Voicemail

The Partner Messaging System Release 7.0 provides businesses with the most powerful voice messaging features. Now with an increased capacity of up to 200 mailboxes and 100 hours of total storage time, your voice messaging applications will have unlimited potential for growth.

New features include submenu access, dial by name directory, Windows based administration software, mailbox management directly through your LAN connection and your PC's internet browser.

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